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Welcome to the teacher resource page. Here you will find resources categorized by subject area and course. Click on the appropriate link below to proceed. You will need a username and password to access this area. Simply click on the 'Get Your Password' icon to the left to receive your login information.

Each course folder contains subfolders for the following:

  • Assignments
  • Final exams
  • Notes
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Miscellaneous
  • Tests

To access the documents open a folder and select the document that you wish to view/download. Note that some files are in PDF format and you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please keep in mind that these resources were created by teachers like you. It will be your responsibility to ensure that the resources you are using do indeed meet the curriculum outcomes for your course. If you would like to contribute additional resources you can email them to Please remove any references to school and/or teacher from the documents that you wish to share.

  • Art Tech 1201
  • Art Design 2200/3200
  • English 1200
  • English 1201
  • English 1202
  • English 2201
  • English 2202
  • English 3201
  • English 3202
  • Writing 3203
  • French 2200
  • French 3200
  • French 3201
 Mathematics  Music
  • Exp Music 2200
  • Applied Music 2206/3206
 Personal Studies


 Social Studies
  • Business Ent 1100
  • Cdn Economy 2203
  • Enterprise Ed. 3205
  • Cdn Geography 1202
  • Cdn History 1201
  • World Geography 3202
  • World History 3201
  • Comm Tech 2104/3104
  • Integrated Systems 2105
  • Computer Tech 3200