Unit 05
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Designing a Robotics System

Topic 01 - Getting Organized

bullet5.1.1 work cooperatively and collaboratively in design teams [1.401, 1.402, 1.403, 1.404, 1.405]
bullet5.1.2 maintain a complete design portfolio of the design process and design activity [1.401, 1.402, 1.403, 1.404, 1.405]

Topic 2: Exploring Opportunities

bullet5.2.1 investigate problem situations to determine opportunities to develop robotic systems. [1.301,1.305]
bullet5.2.2 identify specific problems for the design and development of robotic systems. [1.301, 1.304, 2.301]

Topic 3: Writing a Design Brief

bullet5.3.1 select a specific problem for design and development of a robotic system and communicate it clearly in the form of a design brief. [1.304, 2.304]

Topic 4: Investigation and Research

bullet5.4.1 investigate problems similar to the robotic systems problem selected and assess their solutions. [1.302, 1.304, 5.301, 5.303]
bullet5.4.2 identify technological resources available to resolve the design brief. [1.302, 3.305]

Topic 5: Generate Options

bullet5.5.1 Engage in idea generating strategies to identify a range of alternative solutions to solve the robotic systems problem. [1.302]

Topic 6: Select Best Option

bullet5.6.1 Develop criteria for assessing robotic systems solution options. [1.302,3.303, 5.303]
bullet5.6.2 Using established criteria, examine the robotic systems solution options

Topic 7: Develop the Solution

bullet5.7.1 Identify specific tools/machines and resources that are required to effectively develop the robotic systems solution. [1.303, 4.303]
bullet5.7.2 Determine new skills that will need to be acquired to effectively develop the robotic systems solution. [1.303, 4.303]
bullet5.7.3 Create a plan of action that will guide the implementation of the robotic systems solution. [1.302]
bullet5.7.4 Using safe practices develop the robotic systems solution, redesigning as necessary. [5.302, 5.303, 1.303, 1.305]

Topic 8: Evaluate and Redesign

bullet5.8.1 Establish criteria for evaluating the robotic systems solution. [1.304]
bullet5.8.2 Evaluate the robotic systems solution, based on established criteria. [1.304]

Topic 9: Present the Solution

bullet5.9.1 Develop a presentation plan that is based on information recorded in the design portfolio. [1.305]
bullet5.9.2 Develop a presentation that uses appropriate presentation tools and strategies, demonstrates how the design model was implemented, and identifies the implications of the robotic systems solution. [1.305, 3.305]
bullet5.9.2 Present the design portfolio, the design solution and the design activity report to the class. [1.305]

Designing a Robotic System (35%)

This is the culmination project for the course. Students can demonstrate what they have learned in the course as well as their creativity, leadership, problem solving abilities, determination, and ability to work with others. 

bulletDesign Process
bulletDesign Process Example
bulletDesign Process Web

Each Team will have to complete the following tasks:

bulletSelect the individual jobs for each team member - All Team Members
bullet1st - elect a team chairperson
bullet2nd - elect a recorder
bulletthen other positions
bulletDocument the entire process - Recorder and Web Designer
bulletNeed or Opportunity
bulletSelect a Project- All Team Members
bulletBrainstorming is a good way to get ideas
bulletExamine the projects in the Integrated Systems Resource CD
bulletLook over the list of Project Ideas linked in the left margin of this page.
bulletRecorder is making notes during this process
bulletBrainstorm on solution ideas for your project - All Team Members
bulletThrow out ideas for solving the problem/opportunity you have chosen
bulletRecorder is making notes during this process
bulletDesign Brief - All Team Members
bulletAt this stage you set the task, limitations and conditions under which the solution is developed
bulletThis is an important stage as you will use the criteria here to choose the best solution to your problem
bulletThe criteria set here also allows you to evaluate your solution at the end of the project
bulletResearch/Investigate the project - All Team Members
bulletHas this been done before - Internet search
bulletLook at newspapers, books and magazines
bulletResearch ideas generated from the brainstorming
bulletCreating Alternate solutions - All Team Members for Brainstorming then Individuals create their own Solution
bulletNow that you have done some research you may want to have another brainstorming session to high-light any new ideas discovered.
bulletEach team member now creates a design of their own based on the brainstorming and the criteria set out in the design brief.
bulletEach individuals solution must include:
bulleta reasonably detailed sketch of the project
bulleta description of the project
bulletindicate sizes
bulletwhat materials
bulletwhat kinds of devices are required
bulletwhat kinds of controls are required
bulletwhat kinds of interfaces are required
bulletChoosing the Best Solution - All Team Members
bulletEvaluate designs and select the best design
bulletEach solution is evaluated based on the criteria in the Design Brief using an evaluation tool similar to the one in the Choosing the Best Solution section of the Design Process Web
bulletThe total points for each solution is tabulated and often one project is the clear winner.
bulletHowever: If there are really good ideas in another solution they could be included in the chosen solution to make a better project. If there is no project that stands out based on the rating it is possible to combine the best features of several projects to get the best solution.
bulletThe selected "best" needs to be documented with.
bulletA a measured drawing of the project structure
bulletParts list
bulletWritten description of the project
bulletSketch of the interface
bulletList of control program functions
bulletDeveloping the Solution - Individuals are assigned specific tasks
bulletConduct research on project mechanisms
bulletDesign and construct a physical structure
bulletDesign and construct the motion mechanism
bulletDesign and construct the electrical devices and connections
bulletDesign and construct the control system, including the control program
bulletDocument the process in a web
bulletPut it all together
bulletTest and redesign if necessary
bulletDevelop a simple multimedia presentation of the process using the web 

Teams must select individuals to complete these tasks. Each member will have to do more than one thing to get the work done. Try to divide the tasks evenly and fairly. The following are suggestions as to how the tasks may be divided.

Organize team setup, lead group, manage meetings, keep project on task, participate in overall project development. Participate in other tasks whenever possible. 


Record minutes of each meeting, type with word processor, submit as digital file to the web developer. Participate in other tasks whenever possible.


Web Developer
Design web documents using Microsoft FrontPage  or  Expressions to record the design process as applied to developing this project. Participate in other tasks whenever possible.


Conduct Research related to the product described in the design brief. This should be submitted as a digital document to the web developer. Participate in other tasks whenever possible.


Product Designer Design and construct a product based on the design brief and the instructions of the design team. Participate in other tasks whenever possible (For the Lighthouse project this involves both the Lighthouse Structure, and the Light Mechanism)


Product Fabricator Work with the Product Designer to construct the product. Cut and assemble the physical structure. Participate in other tasks whenever possible


Phidgets Circuit designer/fabricator Work with the Visual Basic programmer and the Product Fabricator to create the Phidgets circuit and adapt it to the Physical Structure. Participate in other tasks whenever possible


Visual Basic Programmer Create a Visual Basic program to carry complete the integrated system, that is link the Visual Basic interface to sense and control the physical components described in the design brief. Participate in other tasks whenever possible


Graphics Recorder/Editor
Acquire and edit digital, video and scanned images and make them available to the Web Developer. Decide with the web developer which of these are to be used in the document. Participate in other tasks whenever possible


Others as required