Project Specifications
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Design Specifications

bulletEach Solution to the design problem must include at least
bulletThree or more output devices
bulletDC motor
bulletStepper Motor
bulletServo Motors
bulletIncandescent lamp
bulletTwo or more digital input devices
bulletMicro switches
bulletMomentary switches
bulletReed Switches
bulletPhoto transistors
bulletThree or more analog input devices
bulletTemperature Sensor *
bulletThe Potentiometer * R
bulletThe Infrared Range Finder * R
bulletPressure Sensor *  R
bulletThe Phidget Accelerometer *
bulletJoystick *
bulletVibration Sensor  R
bulletTouch Sensor (2)  R
bulletLight Sensor (2)  R
bulletForce Sensor  R
bulletCurrent Sensor  R
bulletHumidity Sensor  R
bulletMagnetic Sensor  R
bulletCan be constructed from one piece of Foam Core Board 50 cm X 76 cm.
bulletShould employ the use of recycled parts from old electronic or mechanical devices.