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Robotics Systems Technology 3205
Course Description and Outline

Robotics Systems Technology 3205 is a Technology Education course that introduces students to robotics through the investigation of the electromechanical systems that are used in robots. Students will use the knowledge and skills acquired in the first four units of the course to design and build a robot in Unit 5. This course is intended for students who have an interest in electronics and robotics. Robotics Systems Technology 3205 is organized using the following five units:

bulletUnit 1: Introduction to Robotics Systems (5%)
bulletTopic 1: Introduction to Technological Systems and Subsystems
bulletTopic 2: Robotics Overview
bulletTopic 3: Introduction to Robotics Systems
bulletUnit 2: Introduction to Electronics
bulletTopic 1: Introduction to Electronics
bulletTopic 2: AC\DC Electricity
bulletTopic 3: Parameters of Circuits
bulletTopic 4: Measurement and Testing
bulletTopic 5: Power Supplies
bulletTopic 6: Soldering
bulletTopic 7: Circuit Board Fabrication
bulletUnit 3: Programming and Interfacing
bulletTopic 01 - Introduction to Interfaces
bulletTopic 02: Introduction to Programming
bulletTopic 03: Input Devices
bulletTopic 4: Output Devices
bulletTopic 5: Remote Sensing and Control
bulletUnit 4: Fabrication Fundamentals (10%)
bulletTopic 1: Fabrication Safety
bulletTopic 2: Planning and Layout 
bulletTopic 3: Materials Processing
bulletUnit 5: Designing an Robotics System (35%)
bulletTopic 01 - Getting Organized
bulletTopic 2: Exploring Opportunities
bulletTopic 3: Writing a Design Brief
bulletTopic 4: Investigation and Research
bulletTopic 5: Generate Options
bulletTopic 6: Select Best Option
bulletTopic 7: Develop the Solution
bulletTopic 8: Evaluate and Redesign
bulletTopic 9: Present the Solution