Joystick Install - Windows XP or Windows 7

Note: Make sure you are logged on as administrator to perform the following installations: Note: You must make sure you have the JOYSTICK.LIC file (included below) if you are using the 64 bit version of windows!

The joystick control is not self installing. You need a few joystick files and a procedure to install them for use in Visual Basic 6. The following procedure is for Windows 7 but will also work in Windows XP

You have a choice of downloading just the joystick files or  a folder named vbimages which contains the files and also other images used for the online version of IS1205 and some of the activitties found in the RST3205 resource. I would recommend the vbimages folder but you can download just the joystick files and place them in a folder of your choice.

Joystick Files only

VB Images folder

It is assumed you have the joystick files unzipped and placed in a folder or the vbimages folder unzipped and placed on the C:\ drive. Also you should be logged in as administrator:

  1. Double click the Joystick.reg file to register the control. Answer any prompts and wait for the message indicating a successful install.
  2. Start Visual Basic 6, select Standard.exe, and click Open.
  3. Open the Project menu and select Components.
  4. Click the Browse button and browse to the vbimages folder or whatever folder you are using.

  5. Select the Joystick.ocx file and click open.

  6. Add the joystick to the toolbox by checking the box to the left of GMS Joystick ActiveX Control and click OK. (You must check the box. Highlighting only will not work!)

  7. Draw the control on the form by clicking once on the joystick and clicking on the form and dragging the mouse. YOU MUST DO THIS ONCE AS ADMINISTRATOR OR IT WILL NOT WORK FOR THE STUDENT (logged in as a user - same with the other Global Majic controls)

  8. You can change the properties for the joystick in the properties window or right click on the control (on the form) and select properties.