RST3205 Resources

Shapleigh 2010 - 2018


NEW - One new activity and a re-write of an older activity using 3D printed devices! See items 10, 11, and 12

Installing Visual Basic 6 on Windows 7, 8 or 10 (including a fix for UAC issues in Windows 10)

Visual Basic 6 is available for download as well as the licence key.

Note: The Integrated Systems 1205 on-line course (CDLI) contains a useful unit on the basic concepts of programming and specifically programming with VB6. Use the next link to access the lessons and activities.

IS1205 VB6 Programming lessons

Video and Pictures - These are clips and pictures related to RST3205 and other local activities in robotics

Many of you have indicated that the mini-bot activity would be useful but that the low voltage motor controller is no longer available. The activity has been re-written using continuous rotation servo motors and the advanced servo controller you have in your kits. Please see list item 26 for this update!

  1. Intermediate Control Applications

  2. Intermediate Energy and Power Activities
  3. Visual Basic Exercises
  4. Digital Output
  5. Digital Input
  6. Analog Sensing
  7. Integrated Exercise (Input & Output)
  8. Pan and Tilt Camera Mount

  9. Robot Arm Control

  10. Motorized Door Lock (New)

  11. Motorized Door Lock SketchupPro files (zip)

  12. Remote controlled Trap Door (New - 3D printed)
  13. Components Slideshow
  14. IS1205 Integrated Projects
  15. Circuit Prototype, Analysis & Fabrication
  16. Resistor Color Code

  17. Resistor Identification Exercise

  18. Electronics Activity - The Capacitor

  19. Additional GlobalMajic Controls (Demos but fully functional)

  20. Strip Chart - Temperature Sensor
  21. Intermediate Control Guide

  22. Sample Visual Basic code for Robot1 (shown below)
    1. Code (Text File)
    2. Form Layout (.jpg)
    3. Explanation of the Motor Control code (Docx)

  23. Joystick control - joystick files and installation instructions

  24. Configuring the Phidget SBC

  25. Robot Power Distribution Diagrams

  26. Motion Activated Video Capture Activity (CritterCam)
  27. Global Majic Custom Controls (Licenced)

  28. Global Majic Demo Controls (with nag screens!)

  29. Wireless Mini-Bot Activity

  30. Looking at Phidget Sensors in Visual Basic 6

  31. Electronics Activity - The Adjustable Voltage Regulator

  32. Electronics Activity - Current Regulator / High Intensity LED

  33. 4Bot Summer Institute 2011

  34. Summer Institute Video - wmv format ~ 200mb

  35. Memorial University 2011 - ED4752 (prototype video and rfp)

  36. Video clip of "robot arm" on 4bot

  37. Sample VB6 code with remarks for 4bot with robot arm

  38. RFP2012

  39. Sample VB6  code with remarks for 4bot without robot arm

  40. 4Bot Loaner Kit Instructions: I may have a few complete 4bot kits in the coming month that I can lend to teachers for a class demo (couple of weeks).

  41. 4Bot assembly instructions    4Bot Latest G-Code

  42. ED4752 RFP2013

  43. ED 4752 Group Pictures 2013

  44. ED4752 Final Prototype Demos (mp4 video)

  45. Moisture sensor circuit for use as a "out of water" indicator

  46. ADS-B: An electronics project to track airplanes (try both links, one should work).  Use cdli as both userid and password.

    Link1            Link2

  47. Gander Institute 2014

  48. Gander Institute Pictures and Video