Design Presentation
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Presentation Notes

bulletStudents will setup their Electronic System Project as soon as class starts.
bulletEach group will choose (well before the presentation date) a team member to lead (not do the whole) the presentation for their team. The teacher will be informed at least one class before the presentation who will lead the presentation.
bulletConsider this a test with the same rules applying to the presentation part.
bulletEach Team member will briefly explain their role in the team to the class at the beginning of the presentation.
bulletEach Team member will describe the part of the project to which they contributed
bulletTeams will demonstrate their working Electronic system.
bulletEach member will perform peer evaluations.
bulletPeer Evaluation
bulletEach member of teams not presenting will evaluate the other teams work
bulletPresentation Evaluation

Presentation Order

bulletTeam 01
bulletTeam 02
bulletTeam 03