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Hungarian notation is a set of conventions for naming data objects in which a programmer adds a meaningful prefix of one or several characters to the object's name to identify what type of object it is.

Examples of the use of Hungarian notation for most common VB objects :

Object Prefix Example
Checkbox chk chkReadOnly
Combobox cbo cboEnglish
Commandbutton cmd cmdCancel
Directorylistbox dir dirSource
Drivelistbox drv drvTarget
Filelistbox fil filSource
Form frm frmFileOpen
Frame fra fraLanguage
Gauge gau gauStatus
Grid grd grdPrices
Horizontalscrollbar hsb hsbVolume
Image img imgIcon
Label lbl lblHelpMessage
Line lin linVertical
Listbox lst lstPolicyCodes
MAPImessage mpm mpmSentMessage
MAPIsession mps mpsSession
MCI mci mciVideo
MDIchildform mdi mdiNote
Menu mnu mnuFileOpen
Optionbutton opt optFrench
Picturebox pic picDiskSpace
Textbox txt txtGetText
Timer tmr tmrAlarm
Verticalscrollbar vsb vsbRate

A more exhaustive list can be found at: