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Activity 1-1 - Components of Technology


 differentiate between science and technology. [3.402,3.403]

1.1.2  analyze examples of technology as a process and technology as a product. [3.403, 3.402]

Activity Instructions - Complete the following:

  • This is an Individual Project
  • Read Design and Problem Solving in Technology (Hutchinson, Karsnitz) pp. 1-8
  • Select a technology product, or group of technology products for example, (keep it simple)

NOTE: cannot be a claw hammer - used as an example in the lesson

  • a ball point pen
  • manual can opener
  • farmer's hoe
  • shoe iron
  • hair brush
  • or Select an invention listed in the second paragraph on page 3 of the text.

Product: (the way to do this activity)

Research your chosen technology to produce a document, presentation or web page to examine the technology under the following headings. The work must have a properly annotated bibliography.

  • What is the specific product chosen and when was it invented/developed ?
  • What knowledge led to the development of this product/invention ?
  • Which processing techniques (see page 5-8 of the text) were required to develop/produce the completed product/invention ?
  • Which scientific principles apply to its use ?
  • Include at least one graphic of the chosen technology. 
  • Save the project in the Unit1 folder your Web Portfolio and link it on your Unit 1 page. 


Evaluation of this Activity will based on a demonstrated understanding of;

  • knowledge
  • process
  • product

as each applies to your selected technology product as a solution of a human need or want.

Peer /Teacher Evaluation


Due Date: Check Assignment Due Date Schedule